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  • WomensMarch
    The beginning of a Trump administration marks a pro-corporate, climate-change-denying, racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ and xenophobic agenda. Farmers and rural communities are facing huge problems including collapsing agricultural prices and enduring direct impacts of climate change. Our partner organisation IATP in the USA share their thoughts. [...]
  • image-20160718-1906-nslofc
    If the food industry is not in crisis, it certainly contains an increasing level of complexity and associated risks. A recent analysis suggested 50% of US food production is wasted, with global estimates above 30%. Recent developments in the digital economy could help. Enter blockchain. [...]
  • 23791696353_4ea5005f55_k
    Saturday 21st January sees another 'Wir haben es satt!' demonstration in Berlin. The negative impacts of the corporate control of agriculture - loss of farmers, loss of biodiversity, pollution, hunger, climate change and many more considerations show that agro industry is failing - We are fed up! [...]
  • photo: PeterDargatz via pixabay
    "The time for action is now. It is never too late to do something, because true happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new" Antoine de Saint-Exupery [...]
  • fox
    International research shows that monocultures can be bad for the environment and production through effects on soil quality, erosion, plants and animals, and ultimately declining crop yields. [...]
  • maize
    Around the world, plant breeders are resisting what they see as corporate control of the food supply by making seeds available for other breeders to use. [...]
  • farmland-as-commons
    Agriculture is everybody’s business. The way land is used and distributed is key to improving the quality of local food production, not to mention ecological forms of farming and livelier rural areas. [...]

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Debate: #AfterCAP

aftercapAgriculture, food and the rural seem to have been placed at the back of the queue: massive cuts in the agriculture and rural administration of the Commission; a mere communication by Commissioner  Hogan rather than the usual mid-term review; talk of a move of CAP money to external security and migration policy. What's next? We are looking forward to hear your opinion! Join the ARC2020 #AfterCAP Debate.


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